martes, diciembre 16, 2008

Recurrence Quantification Analysis applied to the study of data traffic on the Internet.

Submet to: Asociación de Física Argentina Congress.

The Internet as a whole is a complex system, which has a complicated network of links, Router, switches, repeaters, and so on. This can produce strong correlations temporary space to produce a process of self-organization. The structures emerging from this action may be familiar with the use of recurrence quantification analysis (RQA). From the viewpoint of the network are of particular interest to the stationary states in the transmission of data, but these states have a low probability of occurrence. In this paper we use the Unix command "ping" to generate time series of times "echo request" from a computer-based and other distributed in remote locations such as: Brazil, France, Japan, etc. At such RQA time series analysis shows the existence of a high diemensión dynamic. The time series of Wootters' distance applied to the statistics of diagonals has shown a way to characterize the use of data traffic.

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